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Whole Side of Beef - Oct. 2024 *DEPOSIT ONLY*

Whole Side of Beef - Oct. 2024 *DEPOSIT ONLY*

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PLEASE NOTE: $200 to reserve your half cow DOES NOT include final amount.


Choose your cuts * volume discount * no extra fees!

Our 100% grassfed, grass finished beef is $6.95/lb hanging weight, The average hanging weight for a half animal is 360lbs, making a half cow approximately $2,500. This price includes custom processing to your specific order, vacuum-sealed packaging so your meat doesn't spoil, and drop-off at a regional location near you. There are no surprise costs.

All our animals are grown with all-natural processes, zero steroids, antibiotics, hormones, GMO's, or weird chemicals of any kind.

To reserve your whole cow, just pay a non-refundable $200 deposit now, which will be applied to your total due upon receipt of meat. 

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